Stick Pirates
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Okay,so do you want a better way.... of manuvering your enemies?I,myself,am a fancy manuverer over Navy,EITC,

Undead,and MORE,maybe i can take the Queen Anne's Revenge!So,get a note book,because I'm gonna teach you!

Manuver 1:Take the stern....

1: Approach the ship ONLY at stern(back of ship) for this to work. So they can't fire on you.

2: Turn either left or right to fire broadsides and deck cannons,if you got a hard time turning,use Come About

3: Then reverse and turn your front towards the enemy stern, and turn to the other side to fire another broadside.

4: Keep repeating the process until the enemy ship sinks, and you got great success without any damage!

Manuver 2:Know your advandatages....

Sloop: The fastest and most manuvering ship, weak armor, and a good OUCH on your enemy in PVP.

Galleon: The slowest but a great use to take down Bounty Hunters and Warships, sturdy armor.

Frigate: The ship of assault, has forward deck guns to attack enemy when engaging, weak spot is on the stern(back)

Brig: The most ideal and popular ship, can be TANKS when appropriate upgrade is used, possible weak spot would be,I think,nowhere.

Possibliaty of Ship of the Line: INVINCIBLE!!!!!!

Take great care so you can be unstoppable.If you try your best and not start some ship riot, you'll be fine!Although it's best to not make so many ships attack you all at once because you can't handle that until you are in a very high level in sailing.

I am a great captain, because I know what i can do.So I hope you guys like the advice!You can see me at POTCO server Abassa!


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