Señor Fantifico is a citizen of Raven's Cove and a ghost. This rather flamboyant character considered himself to be Fanciest Fellow in the Caribbean until his untimely demise. His name loosely translates to 'Mister Fancy' and in life, everything he did was just that-fancy. From the luxurious style of his clothes to drinking his tea with a proper pinky extended, he did everything with lavish flair. Jolly's troops found him cowering in his cellar and dispatched him. - From Pirates Online

  • Señor Fantifico wants you to help him get a powerful potion from Tia Dalma, one that will bring him back to the fancy life he so loved. In return, he will help you during the Raven's Cove quests. But, unfortunately, the potion is only meant for animals, so when you finish the mission, expect a chicken to steal his spot.