Stick Pirates
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Getting Legendary Weapons is really easy. All you have to do is SWITCH SERVERS. It's the most inportant thing. 60% Luck, 40%Skill. DO NOT STAY ON ONE SERVER. Stay on quiet servers and switch servers every 15 kills if you do not get any Loot Skull Chests. I prefer Darkhart because he gives good loot. Servers are inportant so here are some good servers for you to tryout:

  • Legassa
  • Kokoros
  • Kokojillo
  • Fragilles
  • Eustabia
  • Guines
  • Monada and
  • Vachira

Remember, switch the server if no Loot Skull Chests appear within 15 kills.

For Cursed Legendary do the same but on Tormenta.

Ok now that you know how to get them, now its time to talk tech.

Pretend you and your friend go to Darkhart and you guys get a skull. On your screen there is one chest, and on your friend's there is one. but really there are two chests. One for you and one for your friend. The loot splits 50% 50%.

If one person is there, they get the Loot 100%. But, since there are two players it splits the loot 50% 50%.

So it's better for you to fight alone. The more time it takes the better loot.

And if you are a lower level it will give you better loot because it takes longer and effects how powerful the enemy is so it will give you better loot.


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