Anchor charm
Quest star

The second teleportation totem a pirate can earn allows them to teleport to Port Royal at will. This quest will automatically appear in your Quest Journal when you reach notoriety level 12.

  • HINT: Complete this quest first to make other quests easier to complete!

Learn the Secret of Transportation to Port Royal. Acquire a totem that will allow you to get around the Caribbean more quickly.

Name Task Reward
Teleportation Access To Port Royal Visit Lucinda 25 Notoriety Points
Gain Lucinda's Trust Defeat 8 Undead Brigands. 25 Notoriety Points
Defeat 8 Navy Sergeants. 25 Notoriety Points
Find Medal Recover The First Medal of Port Royal from a buried treasure chest. Teleport access to Port Royal
500 Notoriety Points

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