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Shadowstalker Blunderbuss

The Shadow Stalker Blunderbuss is a very powerful rare blunderbuss. It gives it's user the Hex Ward Defense Skill as well as, Infinite Silver Shot ability and a small Eagle Eye boost.

  • Attack Power: 65
  • Abilities: Hex Ward 1, Infinite Silver Shot, Eagle Eye +1
  • Range: Short
  • Level Required: Gun 20
  • Resale Value: 132 gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in Loot

Game Note: The resale price on this weapon was changed from 265 to 132 gold.

Blunderbuss E

Weapon Group: Fullmoon Group

Night Hunter Blunderbuss - clearer Shadowstalker Blunderbuss FoulBaneBlunderbuss Updated Fullmoon

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