Dagger sidewinder
With this Dagger skill, the pirate throws a Sidewinder, a large curved knife at a targeted enemy. The name comes from the sidearm backswing technique used to throw the heavier blade. It does substantially more damage than an Asp.

Once the pirate has this ability, they can purchase additional sidewinders at any blacksmith.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage.

Rank Damage Wound
1 105 to 210 6 seconds
2 131 to 262 7 seconds
3 158 to 315 9 seconds
4 184 to 367 10 seconds
5 210 to 420 12 seconds
Only with Sidewinder Boost
6 236 to 472 12 seconds
7 ? ? seconds
8 ? ? seconds
  • Unlocked at Dagger Skill - Level 12
  • Cost: 7 gold per 25 Sidewinders


To use a Sidewinder, have your dagger drawn and press 4 or click the Sidewinderskill icon. It will take several seconds for this skill to recharge.

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