Grenade siege charge 1
Grenade siege
Grenade siege charge

Siege Charge is the largest, heaviest grenade - it has no trouble blowing up buildings and forts, let alone a pirate's enemies. The siege charge is very heavy, and slows down the pirate carrying it. It can, however, fly just as far as any other grenade. It requires some skill to manage, but when it goes off - Katie bar the door! But be aware that this grenade's Area of Effect (AoE) is VERY big, possibly bigger than even the Stink Pot AoE, and if it lands too close to you, can cause damage to yourself!

Rank Damage
1 183-365
2 305-609
3 366-731
4 427-853
5 488-975

This grenade type is unlocked at grenade level 20. The damage this bomb can deal increases with the pirate's Siege Charge skill level. They can be purchased at any gunsmith's shop or found in loot.

Siege Charge

To use a Siege Charge, you must have your grenades out and then press 5 or click the Siege Charge skill.

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