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Silent Stinger

Silent Stinger is a powerful Twisted Stump Boss found occasionally on Outcast Isle. He has been spotted at level 33-40. He is an extremely rare boss, usually found on the side of Devil Root's cay, with the Twisted Stump there. He normally has around 18,250 HP.

He uses the typical stump attacks including:

  • Earthquake (a powerful jump, which knocks you down and does damage)
  • Swat right (He swats his left "hand" to the right, which does damage)
  • Swat left (He swats his right "hand" to the left, which does damage)
  • Smash right (He smashes you with his right "hand")
  • Smash left (He smashes you with his left "hand")


He used to be a Dread Scorpion boss, but was later changed.


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