Silver Silver Shot is a gun ammunition skill that allows the pirate to use rounds made of sterling silver. It can be used in all firearms.

It is very effective against the Undead (skeletons), but not much use against the living or ghosts. They can be bought at any gunsmith for 7 gold per 25 rounds or often found in loot.

This ammunition type is Unlocked at Gun Skill - Level 17. Increasing this ability will increase the damage dealt.

Sliver Shot
Rank Damage
1 88 to 175
2 109 to 218
3 131 to 262
4 153 to 306
5 175 to 350
Only with Silver Shot Boost
6 ?
7 208 to 415
8 219 to 437
Rank Experince
Gray 5 (8 w/Take Aim)
Green 21 (24 w/Take Aim)
Yellow 23 (26 w/Take Aim)
Red 25 (28 w/Take Aim)

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