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What Is A Guild?

Guilds are basically a group of pirates. More more infomation on guilds see the Guild page.

Should I Make One?

It's best to join rather than create one if you are a low level player, as guild members usually do not respect low level GMs and your guild will not grow as much. It is easier to create your own guild when you hit the higher levels. Guilds are usually filled at the start with willing friends of the GM.

A good level to start a guild with

If the GM has mastered everything he will be able to spend more time looting and helping out guildmates rather than leveling.There are lots of big guilds out there but they don't have to let you join.

What Makes A Good Guild?

Screenshot 2011-02-22 16-10-33

Being Helpful by reviving



Stephen Mastered All

This is Stephen the second pirate to master everything in Pieces Of Me.

My Guild Pic Gallery

Screenshot 2011-01-01 12-11-54

Me and me guildies

These are just some examples of guilds having fun, so whether you create or join, remember always have FUN and enjoy yourself.

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