Sink The Most Ghost Ships was an event to weaken Jolly Roger's forces before they grew to strong. The top 50 Pirates who sunk the most undead ships over the entire three-day challenge received 13,013 gold coins and the top 10 winners who sank the most skeleton ships from the water also received 2 weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access.

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Announcement Post - September 26th

If yer feelin' a bit of chill in the Caribbean air, you know full well that the undead's favorite month lurks just around the corner. Jolly Roger and his dark forces will soon grow in strength, number, and power so let’s cut them to the quick, savvy?

From this Friday, September 28 through the end of Sunday, September 30, we call all Pirates to take to the seas and send as many of those ghostly skeleton ships to a watery grave!

We’ll award the top 50 Pirates who sink the most undead ships over the entire three-day challenge:

  • All 50 winners will each receive 13,013 gold coins.
  • The top 10 winners who blast the most skeleton ships from the water will also receive 2 weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access!

NOTE: Prizes will be awarded through e-mail. Make sure your e-mail address is current on the Pirate’s account you’re competing with by clicking here!

Undead French and Spanish skeleton ships count towards yer winning numbers too, mates, as well as the regular ghastly variety of ghost ships of course.

What: Sink The Most Ghost Ships

When: Friday, September 28 thru Sunday, September 30

Where: On the high seas wherever ghostly ships are sighted


Results Post - October 5th

Congratulations to the winners of our Sink the Most Ghost Ships weekend event!

In an effort to cripple Jolly Roger's fleet, brave Pirates across the seas sent scores of skeleton ships to the dark depths of the ocean floor.
We have now tallied up the Pirates who sank the most ghostly skeleton ships during the weekend challenge. Smashing work, mates!

Pirate Ghost Ships
1. Flame 1,971
2. Esmerelda Wildfury 1,894
3. Billy Warmonger 1,882
4. Davy Darkwalker 1,845
5. Arianna Starfire 1,648
6. Swashbuckler 1,570
7. Charlotte O'malley 1,517
8. Cory No-Ko 1,401
9. Hero Walkthrough 1,234
10. Robert O'roberts 1,186
11. Fiona Roguewave 1,155
12. John Truelegend 1,141
13. Matthew Cannoncrash 1,116
14. Capt. Black Beard 1,083
15. Capt. Jean Lafitte 1,046
16. Sam Darkwalker 837
17. Jose 792
18. Bart Cannonshot 729
19. Capt Obvious 728
20. John Lockbreaker 698
21. Ben Burnbain 667
22. Peter Moonrose 663
23. Luis Fortuno 642
24. Elemental Illusion 618
25. Jenie Goldstone 610
26. Tiny 602
27. Ben Whalebutler 593
28. Roxy Sunspark 570
29. Sven Sternrackham 541
30. Dr O'Keefe 532
31. Kelly O'kidd 526
32. Firespinner 523
33. Whitebeard 511
34. Kate Wavewalker 490
35. Pa Smashfist 481
36. Eliza Rose TIE! 474
36. Themgrind TIE! 474
37. Solomon Gunhazzard 466
38. Pirate TIE! 458
38. Sonya The Red TIE! 458
39. Iron Thunder 456
40. Jade Dragon 450
41. Betty Bytes 443
42. Moose Collins 442
43. Grace Goldslipper 434
44. Mean Mr Mustard 421
45. Eric Mcrage 411
46. Helen Heels 409
47. Jade Redscarlett 406
48. Quickdraw 399
49. Johnny Firehawk 487
50. Trauma 485

All winners, check your e-mail this weekend for your gold code prizes and instructions on how to redeem your treasure in-game.

Top Ten Pirates with the most skeleton ships sunk, your 2 weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access begin around noon (PST) this Sunday, October 7, 2012. The Unlimited Access is applied to the Pirate's account who took part in the event. Please see your e-mail for details.
NOTE: If your winning Pirate currently enjoys Unlimited Access, the complimentary 2 weeks are added onto the end of your existing Membership. Keep in mind, this bumps your regular billing date by two weeks.

Many hearty thanks to all Pirates who helped clear the waters of those ghastly skeleton ships!

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