Stick Pirates
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Alright, everyone knows that the mighty Ship of the Line is coming soon, right? Well, it will cost ALL OF YOUR GOLD, 200,000! However, that doesn't have to be a problem...

Fishing for Gold

Who knew, the reason for fishing was gold! If you have obtained the Master Fishing Rod, get out on a PUBLIC Fishing Boat and look for Sand Tiger Sharks. Those pesky sharks are easy to catch and give 230 - 400 Gold pieces per catch!

The Queen Anne's Revenge

If your not good at Fishing, you should gather a crew and find the legendary Queen Anne's Revenge. The last boss at wave #3 gives a nice sailing charm and a potion. Now, BEFORE you swing back, EQUIP THE CHARM. It will increase the Queen Anne's loot. Typically, the QAR gives 5 or more Royal Chests each sink. However, if your lucky, you can get 12 Royal Chests, each containing around 100 gold in treasures.

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