Grenade smoke bomb 1
Grenade smokecloud
Grenade smoke bomb

Smoke Bomb is bomb filled with quick burning tar and rags, and when thrown at an enemy, it creates a blinding cloud of smoke. It does not do a lot of damage, but causes blindness in affected enemies, decreasing their accuracy until the smoke clears.

Increasing this ability does increase the damage, but moreover increases the amount of time enemies are affected.

Rank Damage Blindness
1 N/A 10 seconds
2 N/A 15 seconds
3 N/A 20 seconds
4 N/A 25 seconds
5 N/A 30 seconds

These grenades are available from any gunsmith once the pirate acquires the Smoke Cloud ability.

  • Requires Grenade Skill - Level 12
  • Cost: 5 coins for 5 Smoke Cloud grenades

Game Notes

  • Using these grenades, the pirate receives substantially more reputation points for each enemy defeated if they are in a group or even alone.
  • In PvP, these grenades can be used to obscure an opponent's vision.

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