Stick Pirates
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Gives alot of gold


The max gold is 200,000.

Small War Galleon

Holds to 18 cargo good for royals.

A pirate thinks those shiny round coins that they want a lot to buy ships, clothing and other.

Here are some tips, but i am warning you it will be tough:

1.Try Darkhart he gives a lot of gold that's where I get a lot of gold on Abassa.

2. If you see a weapon mouse over it to see how much its worth around 100 or above I'll recommend you get it and sell it at a blacksmith or gunsmith to get the gold.

3. Sailing makes it easy and fast I would use a War Galleon Or a War Frigate.

4. Keep checking the game news if there is codes to redeem.

5. At level 10 fishing the player can buy a Fishing Boat for 1,000 gold at Port Royal, Tortuga, or Padres Del Fuego. Try going out of sea or near a wild island there are loads of fishes are there and give out good amount of gold and rep.

6.Loot skulls give good amount of gold and over 1,000 gold.
Loot Skull Chest

Loot Skull Chest

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