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Voodoo will power
Spirit Mend
is a powerful weapon skill where the voodoo doll Heal ability is NOT divided amongst the targets that the user currently has attuned. Rather, all allies receive full healing as if they were the only one attuned. This ability is held by all Spirit Dolls bought from Gypsies and the dolls in the Traveler Doll Weapon Group.

Voodoo Dolls

Below is a list of all Voodoo Dolls, with the Spirit Mend ability.

Healing Doll Mending Doll Renewal Doll Restoration Doll
Life Doll
SailorDoll SeafarerDoll Traveler Doll
Voyager doll Explorer doll card clearer
Adventurer Doll
Do you own this weapon? Please submit a picture of the weapon card!

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