Stick Pirates
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This is a guide meant to help you find those pesky enemy ships. A lot of times I would find myself sailing around aimlessly looking for that one particular ship needed to complete a quest. It often would take a substantial amount of time looking for them. This guide is meant as a remedy, allowing you to expedite the time it takes for you to complete your sailing quests! Be sure to plot your course!

Port Royal

At Port Royal you will typically find lower leveled Navy ships and also EITC ships. Here at Port Royal, you can find Navy Ferrets, Bulwarks, as well as Navy Panthers. The ocean around Port Royal also harbors several EITC ships, such as Sea Vipers, and Sentinels. **Note: You can also find the occasional Phantom lurking about.

Port Royal
Navy Navy Ferret Navy Bulwark Navy Panther
EITC EITC Sea Viper EITC Sentinel
Undead Phantom

Devil's Anvil

Similar to Port Royal, the home of Captain Barbossa contains Navy Ferrets, Bulwarks and Panthers. You'll also find Sea Vipers and Sentinels. Other than that, there isn't much to see.

Devil's Anvil
Navy Navy Ferret Navy Bulwark Navy Panther
EITC EITC Sea Viper EITC Sentinel
Undead N/A


This haven of misbehaving pirates is often surrounded by the Navy and EITC, trying to impose their will on pirates. Here at Tortuga you will find Navy Ferrets, Bulwarks and Panthers. Also sailing around is the EITC Sea Viper, Sentinel and the rare EITC Corvette (this ship is needed in a fair bit of your quests).

Navy Navy Ferret Navy Bulwark Navy Panther
EITC EITC Sea Viper EITC Sentinel EITC Corvette
Undead N/A

Padres Del Fuego

This volcanic islands is swimming with tough enemies. You'll find Navy Kingfishers, Dreadnoughts, and Monarchs. The EITC typically sends out Barracudas, Marauders, Ironwalls, Corsairs (watch out for those explosives!), Ogres, Warlords, and the Juggernaut. Jolly also typically has ships patrolling these waters such as, the Black Harbinger.

Padres Del Fuego
Navy Navy Kingfisher Navy Dreadnought Navy Monarch
EITC EITC Barracuda EITC Marauder EITC Ironwall EITC Corsair EITC Ogre EITC Warlord EITC Juggernaut
Undead Black Harbinger

Raven's Cove

Here at this forsaken island, the Navy, EITC and Undead are also patrolling. The Navy has their typical low level ships, Ferrets, Bulwarks, Panthers, as does the EITC with their Sentinels, Marauders, Sea Vipers, Ogres (find the Ogre between the ocean of Perdida and Ravens). Like the Navy and EITC, Jolly feels the need to keep his own ships out by Raven's. Those three ships are: Black Harbingers, Death Omens, and Phantoms.

Raven's Cove
Navy Ferret Bulwark Panther
EITC Sea Viper Marauder Sentinel Ogre
Undead Death Omen Phantom


You can find a ton of ships here notably, Navy Panthers, Bulwarks, Greyhounds, Ferrets, and Kingfishers. The EITC only has two ships here, Sea Vipers and Ironwalls. You'll also find a Greyhound here. This area is helpful for many lower "tiered" quests.

Navy Navy Ferret Navy Bulwark Navy Panther Navy Kingfisher Navy Greyhound
EITC EITC Sea Viper EITC Ironwall
Undead N/A

Wild Islands

Isla Perdida:

Isla Perdida is surrounded by Navy Kingfishers, as well as the EITC Barracuda, Corvette, Bloodhound and some Ogres. You will also find a Death Omen and a Phantom.

Isla Perdida
Navy Navy Kingfisher
EITC EITC Corvette EITC Barracuda EITC Bloodhound EITC Ogre
Undead Death Omen Phantom

Rumrunner's Isle:

The navy fleet surrounding Rumrunners includes Ferrets, and Vanguards. The EITC's fleet around here is also small, only having two ships, Bloodhounds and Corvettes. I've also found an Undead Phantom around here, so if you are looking for one of those, keep your eyes peeled.

Rumrunner's Isle
Navy Navy Ferret Navy Vanguard
EITC EITC Bloodhound EITC Corvette
Undead Undead Phantom

Cutthroat Isle:

Not much to see at Cutthroat, you can find a Navy Centurion, and a EITC Ironwall (needed for the Grenade Weapon Unlock Quest), and of course the Blood Scourge (not in game at the moment, but should be there eventually).

Cutthroat Isle
Navy Navy Centurion
EITC EITC Ironwall
Undead Blood Scourge

Isla Cangrejos:

You won't find much at Isla Cangrejos, but the few ships that sail there are fairly difficult. You can find a Navy Man-O-War, and a couple Death Omens. Just like Cutthroat, eventually the French Undead ships should be back.

Isla Cangrejos
Navy Navy Man-O-War
Undead Death Omen Blood Scourge


The home of the Navy has many different types of ships including, Man-O-Wars, Kingfishers, and the Navy Centurion. The EITC as usual, is found here too with ships such as, Warlords, Marauders, Barracudas, Ogres, and Ironwalls. The Black Harbinger, Revenant, and Storm Reaper will also be sailing here.

Navy Navy Kingfisher Navy Centurion Navy Man-O-War
EITC EITC Marauder EITC Ironwall EITC Barracuda EITC Ogre EITC Warlord
Undead Black Harbinger Revenant Storm Reaper

Outcast Isle:

Outcast has a variety of difficult ships from the Navy, EITC and Undead. Similar to Padres, you can find Monarchs, Man-O-Wars, Colossus, and Predators. Corsairs are the only EITC ship I've found, and the Undead trots out the Death Omen.

Outcast Isle
Navy Navy Monarch Navy Predator Navy Colossus Navy Man-O-War
Undead Death Omen

Driftwood Island:

I haven't found any Navy ships out and about here. Though, you can find Sea Vipers, Ironwalls, and an Undead Phantom.

Driftwood Island
Navy N/A
EITC EITC Sea Viper EITC Ironwall
Undead Undead Phantom

Isla Tormenta:

There are a LOT of tough ships that you can find here. The Navy has a large variety, Panthers, Monarchs, Man-O-Wars, Colossus, Predators, Dreadnoughts, and Kingfishers. The EITC is represented as well, with Behemoths, Juggernauts, and the Barracuda. There are also some Undead ships, the Death Omen, and the Black Harbinger.

Isla Tormenta
Navy Navy Panther Navy Kingfisher Navy Predator Navy Colossus Navy Dreadnought Navy Man-O-War
EITC EITC Barracuda EITC Juggernaut EITC Behemoth
Undead Black Harbinger Death Omen


I hope this guide helps! Please don't delete anything, but feel free to comment or let me know if something is missing. Also, any grammar fixes are welcome of course! :)

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