Grenade stinkpot
Grenade flameburst
Stink Pot

Stink Pot is a ceramic pot filled with noxious gas and foul smelling gunk. This grenade does less damage, but has a lingering effect on those struck by it. It also has a larger explosion range than other grenades.

Increasing the level of this ability increases damage, but also increases the amount of time enemies are affected by the stench!

Rank Damage Slow
1 66 to 131 10 seconds
2 103 to 206 12 seconds
3 ? 20 seconds
4 ? 25 seconds
5 ? 30 seconds

They can be purchased at any gunsmith shop, once the pirate has learned this ability.

Game Note

There appears to be a glitch where stink pot counts as a voodoo attack. A weapon with Hex Ward may actually block a Stink Pot attack.

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