Summon Chicken potion
Summoned Chicken

The Summon Chicken potion when used will magically summon a small white pet chicken that will walk around with you for a short amount of time. The pirate has a chance to find this potion after completing the The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest Boss Battle or defeating The Queen Anne's Revenge. In addition to looting this rare potion from the Black Pearl Boss Battle, players can redeem it using the code "CLUCK".

When attacking or being attacked by an enemy, the chicken will start following your enemy instead of your pirate. This could be an indicator of attack functionality for pets being a feature planned for the future. The chicken only however only pecks the enemy dealing no damage.

Game Notes:

  • If you use the /dance emote, your feathered friend will dance with you!
  • This potion can't be made by brewing.
  • The chicken ONLY dances and follows you.
  • It pecks enemys but deals no damage.
  • There was a glitch that allowed the chicken to stay in one place forever, but it would not move.
Chicken dance
Summon chicken window

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