Not in game This item has been discontinued from Pirates Online. Some pirates may have this item in their inventory, but players without it will not be able to obtain it.

Super Flatulent Fizz

The Super Flatulent Fizz is a magic potion that causes the pirate to pass a noxious green gas cloud. If a pirate looks closely, a skull and crossbones can be seen in the cloud before it dissipates. The gas does NOT appear to have any effect on allies or enemies, though it might clear a room.

This potion is an upgraded version of the Flatulent Fizz potion and was available to pirates using the redeem code fizz and for winning Potion Commotion Challenge, which was only awarded to 32 pirates.

Game Notes:

  • This potion cannot be brewed. Only players who won the Potion Commotion Challenge or redeemed the code have the potion in their inventories.
  • Before this potion came out, the redeem code fizz was used for the regular Flatulent Fizz potion as a special offer made for Unlimited Access Members from June 7th until July 7th, 2010.

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