Grenade toughness
Sure Footed is a special weapon ability. The pirate holding the weapon cannot be knocked down by attacks such as a Stump's Earthquake skill or Powder Keg explosion, Sure Footed is a passive weapon skill, and does not need to be activated. So far it is only in each weapon of the Monkey Groups (Excluding Dolls) and on the Legendary Behemoth Blade.

Note: Sure Footed is a favorite of a pirate if they are killing Stumps on Outcast Isle to killing Powder Keg Runners during invasions. This skill also works in SvS when your ship is rammed by another and you have a weapon with this skill out you cannot be knocked down.


The following weapons have the Sure Footed ability:

Monkey Cutlasses

Monkey Cutlass Baboon Cutlass 2010-11-25 Orangutan Cutlass Gorillacard

Monkey Broadswords

Screenshot 2010-11-03 07-56-50 Baboon Broadsword OrangutanBroadSword Gorilla Broadsword

Monkey Repeaters

Monkey Repeater BaboonRepeater Orangutan repeater Gorilla Repeater

Monkey Blunderbusses

Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06 Baboon Blunderbuss 2010-12-30 Gorillablunderupdated

Legendary Weapons

150px-Behemoth Blade-1-

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