Portrait Blacksmith Sven
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Sven Thorhammer is a Blacksmith on Padres Del Fuego. The big Swede has his shop in the over-run town of Las Pulgas. He offers a very fine variety of swords, daggers, and accessories.

Weapons in Stock


Thor's selection is limited, but all of the weapons are well-crafted blades.

Name Cost Damage
Grand Cutlass 990g 46
Royal Cutlass 1,340g 56
War Sabre 1,360g 35
Master Sabre 1,750g 43
Ornate Broadsword 1,760g 59
Great Broadsword 2,130g 67


Besides carrying the standard daggers for the pirate's dagger belt, Thor only carries one special dagger - but it is one of the finest small blades ever made.

Name Cost Damage
War Dagger 13,010g 51

Throwing Knives

Name Cost Damage
Fine Throwing Knives 11,250g 30
Master Throwing Knives 18,050g



  • The name "Thorhammer" could possibly be a reference to Marvel superhero Thor, who wielded a hammer.

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