When in water, a pirate will begin to swim once their feet no longer touch the bottom. In lagoons, a pirate can swim from dock to dock as a shortcut or swim to a dinghy.

Game Notes

  • At one time, a pirate could swim between islands, but that is no longer possible. Now, when a pirate reaches the edge of a lagoon, they are unable to continue.
  • Also, if a pirate is Knocked Out while swimming, they will simply go to jail without the option to be revived as they did before the revive update.
  • The swimming technique has changed. Once pirates could only do the "butterfly" to move forward, but now pirates swim in "freestyle" to move forward.
  • When you are swimming, you are unable to draw a weapon. If you have a weapon drawn, it will be automatically stowed away when you enter the water and start swimming.