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Below is a list of all of The Legend of Pirates Online's staff members.

Customer Support

Game Developers

Launcher Developers

Site Developers

Content Developers

  • Cheysa Finn (World Creator)
  • Jack Scurvyfoote (Animator)
  • Roke William (Musical Composer)
  • Tyler Grow (Musical Composer)

Storyline Developers

IRC/Game Moderators


  • Dentface (Spanish)
  • Jack Scurvyfoote (Spanish)
  • Michael Wass (Spanish)
  • MMDR (Spanish)
  • Robert Yellowbeard (French)
  • Sarah Boothwright (German)


  • Dean Aug (GitHub/Servers)
  • Michael Wass (Servers)
  • Sai Vignesh (Domain)

Former Staff

  • Andrew Chafos (Former game developer)
  • Brandon Berney (Former game developer)
  • Caleb Marshall (Former game developer)
  • Chandler (Former game and launcher developer)
  • Cody (Former game developer)
  • Daniel (Former game developer)
  • Eccentriq Layouts (Designed multiple promotional images and contributed to site development/design.
  • Felipe Casal (Former game developer)
  • Jean Brochu (Former game developer)
  • Junior (Former game developer)
  • Kevin Hammett (Funded the alpha servers in 2015)
  • Little Cat (Former game developer)
  • Wilee (Former game developer)
  • Zachary Gates (Former game and site developer)

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