Cutlass taunt
Taunt makes your enemies angry and more prone to missing their attacks, while decreasing the attack power they have for a certain amount of time. This skill also does make the enemy attack you - so it is useful for keeping aggro off of lower level pirates!
Rank Damage Time
1 1 30 seconds
2 1 37 seconds
3 1 45 seconds
4 1 52 seconds
5 1 60 seconds
6 1 52 seconds
7 1 60 seconds
Rank Experince
Gray 8
Green 24
Yellow 26
Red 28

Unlocked at Sword Skill - Level 14

Increasing this skill increases the time that the enemy is angry.

To use Taunt, you must have your sword drawn and press 3 or click TauntSkill.

Game Note - Thrall Captains, Kelpbrains, Flotsams, Seabeards, EITC Mercenaries, Ghosts and many Undead also have this ability, but instead of doing the single point of damage when used by a pirate, when used by these bilge rats they can deal over 100 damage!

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