Emerald Curse - clearer

The Emerald Curse is a legendary cursed blade with a very powerful Shock Sweep Break Attack ability. The only other weapon to have this skill is the legendary Thunderspine Sword.

The Emerald Curse has an emerald green shadow trailing it, instead of a black trail like all other Cursed Blades (except for the Blade of the Abyss which has a blood red shadow trailing it).

This weapon requires a master fencer to use it, and has an unusually high attack for a sabre. This sabre, like all other Cursed Blades, can only be found on Isla Tormenta or Raven's Cove after completing Raven's Cove Story Quest.

This sword appears to be made out of some kind of crystal, most definitely Emerald, hence the name Emerald Curse. It has a Parry boost of +4, joining the Behemoth Blade and Viper's Kiss as the only three weapons in the game with a skill boost of +4 or higher. Currently, this is the only known Legendary sabre, and is the strongest Sabre in the game.

DavyJones I

Emerald Curse green shadow Emerald Curse green shadow 2
Emerald Curse ShockSweep EmeraldCurse shock sweep

Emerald Curse Moves

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