The Journal of the Ancient Seas is a book mentioned in the popular Pirates Online Mobile Game: Call of the Kraken. It was once said that this book held an ancient spell to control the Kraken.

There has been mention of the Kraken coming into the game for pirates to fight as an enemy. In Call of the Kraken, Davy Jones mentions the book had barnacled covers and holds the secrets to Davy's 'course to vengeance.'

Game Note

Some people have speculated what the Book of Ancient Seas might contain. *

  • Also known as The Book of Ancient Seas.
  • Ancient Naval Cartography: As the title implies, the book might contain charts of prehistoric seas and undiscovered islands.
  • Creature Lore: As it contains the power to control the Kraken , it could well contain power over other unearthly creatures such as the Caddy or the Leviathan.
  • Spells like those used to bind Calypso to a human form.

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