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In recent days, Pirates of the Caribbean stepped up their efforts to rid the graveyards of the walking dead and increased attacks on enemy ships – these events too were surely helping to add to Jolly’s undead army.

A further look into the orb reveals even more: Jolly Roger is reinforcing the caves with enemies more powerful than she has ever seen before, to protect his troops and prepare for them for – a coming war. And what’s this? The EITC Black Guard helping Jolly Roger in these efforts? Lord Beckett it seems will stop at nothing to control the Caribbean and has allied himself with a pirate devil.

Overwhelmed, Sandra collapses. The spirits are silent now as the orb turns black. Sandra must now warn those about this revelation … that the caves are now not only much more dangerous than before, but that they are a portal to a dark underworld and a training ground for Jolly Roger’s deadly followers.

Sandra knew that she must forewarn all those that would listen, “Beware good Pirates! Enter the caves at your own risk, but with a crew in tow, for you cannot face this evil alone. Jolly Roger is coming for us all – and soon.”

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