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Thrall Captains are horribly vicious swordsmen, who serve as part of the Davy Jones' crew. They can be found deep in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta and are, along with Urchinfists, the highest level non-boss enemies found in the Caribbean (Besides Rage Ghosts).

The Thrall Captain is just a tougher version of another creature that serves Davy Jones in the Cursed Caverns, Kelpbrain. The only difference is that Kelpbrains use daggers and cutlasses instead of just cutlasses, yet wield a considerable amount of damage, while Thrall Captains can use all the sword skills (Sweep, Brawl, Taunt, and Blade Storm).

Thrall Captains appear at Levels 43-50 and are found near two large pools of water (also called the Thrall Hall/Room for obvious reasons) in the Caverns on the East side along with the deadly Urchinfists (Levels 43 - 50, use grenades).

Thrall location

Game Note

Both Thrall Captains and Kelpbrains are based on Palifico, a servant of Davy Jones on the Flying Dutchman in Dead Man's Chest and At Worlds End.

They were added into the game along with the August 2009 update in which the caves were redesigned. It was first shown in the new cave environments in a picture in Developer's Diary # 15.

Their Bladestorm can knock out a lower level pirate in a single hit, so be careful! A higher level pirate would be able to survive such a hit, but still take quite a bit of damage.

Beware if you are a lower level pirate bring a higher level friend.

Do not battle them alone they can easily take down lower level lone pirates.

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