Stick Pirates
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Beginners - Levels 15 and lower

Medium - Levels 16 - 35

Hard - levels 36 - 50


If you are at levels 1 through 5 I would recommend finding a public ship that will NOT DO HUNTERS.

But first, you need to get through the tutorial and I also recommend getting your pistol and seeing Jack Sparrow. Tip- In the creation get the belted vest and sell it for an easy 35 gold. If you like to do potions then you can make a few of those and sell them for 25 gold a piece. You will get a high level cannon if this is all you do. You may as well try the darkhart glitch. I find it rather easy. All you need is a swift foot. Then you go to the upper part near the tailor on padres. Then go to the white house and jump when you have drank the swift foot. Then jump as many times as possible at the flower bed on the white house.

Ship Repeair

You can also do ship repair for getting gold. Its easy, and you don't level up from it. If you want to look good (clothing + hairstyles) at a low level, I recommend this. You don't get much/


Now that you are past level 15, you can start to use your own ship to get gold. When you get to about level 25, you can try darkhart. Now, this does NOT refer to the test server. On test, there aren't many people on. Only on big updates there will be people there.

The gallery

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