Stick Pirates
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This is my second guide: Looting. I will give basic tips on looting. 

Where to Loot

The best looting place in the game is Darkfart. The best server is cortola. If you dont like darkfart try the mines, devil root, or tormenta. there arent other good places. 

How long to Loot

Loot for as long as you like but dont expect to get a famed on the first try. It takes time. I like to loot in 1 place for 20-40 minutes and then go sailing then return and so on, but its all up to you. If your determined to get a legendary then by all means stay in one place until you got it.


I only pick what i NEED. Dont pick up repeats even if they have a good sell price. Never take clothes that arent new brights. Only take famed/legendary/new rare cursed weapons. Any amount of gold is allowed. only take ammo that u absolutely need. If you have less than 15/75 lightning/firebrand/fury ammo then pick it up. if u have 1/6 explosive or less then pick it up. you shouldnt have any other ammo types except round shot. if you have less than 15/125 silver or steel then pick it up. you dont need other ammo. never take cheap dagger ammo cuz you can buy it easy. only take tonics if your out of them. never take cheat cards if u have more than 5 of them already. Switch weapons every 15 minutes. It helps with boredom and sometimes gives a specific type of loot. For instance, Sword = gold, weapons, cheat cards, nick nacks. Gun = ammo of all types, nick nacks, less weapons, gold, cheat cards. Dont use grenades. they are hard to aim and dont do a lot of damage. knives = all ammo, less gold, weapons, nick nacks, chear cards. Dolls = More dolls, less weapons, gold, lots of nick nacks, lots of cheat cards. The part about different weapons = different loot is unproven and just a theory. It comes from my experience and is an educated guess.

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