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Weapon Voodoo Doll Choice

The standard Voodoo Doll, far away from a barbie doll isn't she!

Hello pirates it's Tom Deckeagle here giving some Voodoo Doll advice! I hope this helps the people out there that are having doll problems!

Starting out

You just got your first doll from tia dalma! First thing to do is to go and level up your doll on the alligators. STAY AWAY FROM THE HIGHER LEVEL GATORS AND FLYTRAPS! Remember! You are only level 5-8 so you arent high level and your a beginner with voodoo! after you become doll level 2 get swarm attack! It summons bees to sting your enemies! It's very useful! Also if you get a chance to get a new doll definately do it because the starting doll is a terrible one! Tia dalma really should have given you a better one. Continue to kill alligators.

Getting the hang of it

You are doll level 2! as you level up upgrade the Swarm Attack. Poke (the one you start out with) is not a good attack so dont upgrade it! Once you have the chance to heal your freinds take it because you get rep for healing! also it might feel bad when your friend says "Quick! Heal me!" and you say "Sorry Mate I can't!". Then after you get heal you will probably get curse. Do not upgrade heal because basic heal is enough. continue to upgrade Swarm until it lets you get Curse. CURSE IS VERY USEFUL! IT ONLY DOES 1 DAMAGE ITSELF BUT IT MAKES EVERYTHING ELSE STRONGER!!!! I recommend to stop upgrading swarm once you get curse and MAX CURSE! IT HELPS A MILLION! Now that you have curse and are starting to max it Scorch is the next attack.

A Pretty Good Doll user

You have maxed curse! by now it'll probably let you get Scorch and Cure. Get scorch. Now, curse will upgrade it by itself so you only have to get Scorch to 2. Cure is like heal but stronger. leave it at 1. Now go to a boss with some friends or guildies and level doll up to 17. Then get chains. CHAINS ARE GOOD! THEY CHAIN THE ENEMY TO THE GROUND AND STOP THEM FROM MOVING! Once again, curse will help you with this so you only have to get this up to 3. By this time it will let you get life drain. GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!!! LIFE DRAIN TAKES AWAY HEALTH FROM THE ENEMY AND GIVES IT TO YOU!!! You get the chance to learn it at level 20 but save it and learn it at 21 so that the skill point can go to chains. NOW YOU MUST MAX LIFE DRAIN!!! 

Max Doll!

You have maxed Life Drain! now you are doll level 26! Now just go to Darkhart (alone and on Lempona, Cortola, or Tortos for loot) and level your doll. you have a great doll already and will probably kill him easily. In time you'll have mastered your doll! Happy Voodooing!

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