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Traitor Ghosts are one of the types of ghost that inhabit El Patron's Mine and the Cave of Lost Souls. Supposedly, they were once part of El Patron's crew, but they committed a mutiny and were trapped forever in the mine. Unlike the Rage Ghosts, they seem to have retained some of their humanity, and they can be sometimes be seen as silhouettes of their former selves when they aren't attacking or reacting to your presence.

Additionally, in the quest you must defend a traitor ghost. The enemy Traitors appear with a yellow/orange color (as do all the other hostile ghosts), but the friendly Traitor ghosts appear in a light blue color. During the Quest Scenario you are allowed to heal the Traitor Ghost. There are only two enemy traitor ghosts in the mine, each inhabiting a small rock area near Dr. Bellrog.

The friendly ghosts can be summoned from three of the four idols towards the end of the story quest to aid the pirate against larger odds, but only for a limited time. They use cutlasses in battle and can be found at level 38-47. Beware the enemy Traitor Ghosts as they are very skilled swordsman and can use a number of vicious advanced attacks, including Blade Storm!

Traitor ghost 1 Traitor ghost 3 Traitor ghost 2

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