This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.

Header Treasure

Pirates and treasure go together like ships and leaks –– can't have one without the other. Use your Inventory tab to keep track of all the trinkets you have collected during your adventures. This includes gold and cheat cards as well as treasure.

Treasure Collections

As you advance through Pirates of the Caribbean Online, you will encounter special Quests giving you the ability to pursue unique Treasure Collections. To complete each collection, you'll need to find a series of elusive items –– often held by deadly foes.


Treasures to be

Valuables 20
Odds & Ends 20
The Nine Rogues 9
Navy Decorations 14
Rudyard's Teeth 7
The Rhineworth Rings 11
Treasure Chess 12
Tia Dalma's Menagrie 15

Buried Treasure

Some may find some treasure buried. You can find a buried treasure by accident, or a townsperson may tell you where to look. There are chests of riches hidden all over the Caribbean, so keep an eye out for green circles on the ground. If you see one, start digging!

Game Tip: You're vulnerable to attack while you dig for buried treasure, so stay alert.

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