For new players, Pirates of the Caribbean Online offers various hints/tips as your pirate progresses along. These pop up in the bottom-right corner of the screen, above the treasure chest, and can easily be closed by clicking the "X" in the top-right corner of the scroll. You can turn them off by checking the "Dont Show" box, or they can be turned off in the options menu.


To turn off/on the hints/tutorial scrolls: First go to the Game Options Menu. (F7, etc...) Then click on the "Tutorial" Tab. Here you can individually disable or enable the three levels of Tutorial Hints: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The various Tutorial Hints are displayed below:

Basic Hints

Scroll AimBroadsides Scroll AimYourPistol Scroll BuriedTreasure
Scroll CameraControls Scroll ChangeQuestTracking Scroll DocktoSellCargo
Scroll EarnMoreSkillPoints Hint42 Scroll FireaBroadside
FishingScroll1 FishingScroll3 FishingScroll2
FishingScroll5 FishingScroll4 FishingXPScroll
Scroll FollowtheLight Scroll GoingtoJail Scroll Groggy
Scroll HowtoExitSteering Scroll Jump LegendFishScrollEncounter
LegendFishScrollClickRapid LegendFishScrollReel ScrollLegendFish
LostCargoHint Scroll MerchantStores Scroll NewCrew
Scroll NewFriend NewGuildScroll Scroll NotorietyLevelUp
Scroll OutOfTonics Scroll ParlorGames Scroll PlayerChat
PullScroll RepairShipScroll Scroll RestAndHeal
SearchableContainersScroll Scroll SwitchWeapons Scroll WeaponTraining

Intermediate Hints

Scroll AttuneVoodooDoll Scroll BossEnemy NewFrigateScroll
Scroll BuyANewGalleon Scroll BuyaNewLightFrigate Scroll BuyANewLightGalleon
Scroll BuyaNewSloop Scroll Buy a New War Frigate BuyNewWarGalleon
NewWarSloopScroll Scroll ChangeViews ChatPrefScroll
ScrollFlagships Scroll IslandMap Scroll IslandTeleport
Scroll NewAmmoSkill Scroll NewCannonSkillPoint Scroll NewComboMove
Scroll NewDaggerSkillPoint Scroll NewDollSKillPoint Scroll NewGrenadePoint
Scroll NewSailingSkillPoint Scroll NewPistolSkillPoint NewStaffSkillPointScroll
Scroll NewCutlassSkillPoint Scroll NewWeaponQuest Scroll Out of Ammo
Scroll PlayerInvites Scroll PlayerProfiles Scroll RearHullDamage
Scroll TeleportingtoFriends Scroll UpgradingSkills

Advanced Hints

Scroll Back-strike BrokenRightHullScroll Scroll CrewBonus
DaggerTrainingScroll Scroll Disengage ScrollEquippingWeapons
FrenchScroll GunTrainingScroll Scroll HardEnemies
Scroll Interrupt InventoryFullScroll Scroll NewTake-AimSkill
Scroll Privateering Scroll Sailing Item SpanishScroll
ScrollTreasureCollection Scroll UseEmotes DollTrainingScroll

Potion Brewing Hints

PotionHint4 PotionHint3 PotionHint2

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