Skeleton 3
Skeleton icon
Undead Brigands are members of Jolly Roger's skeleton army who attack the pirate with a variety of deadly daggers. They can be found on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego and Cutthroat Isle.

Brigands appear at Levels 9-14 (Health 950-1,550).


  • Adder - Poisonous dagger
  • Asp - A small thrown dagger.
  • Cut - A fast slash with the dagger.
  • Gouge - Sharp downward dagger strike
  • Sidewinder - Large throwing knife
  • Eviscerate
  • Swipe - A quick spinning dagger cut.


A number of Undead Brigand bosses can be found, including 1 of the 4 Generals in charge of Jolly Roger's army.


  • Their in-game model is based on the concept art of Koehler

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