(Captain) Roger Goldskull

aka David Whitaker

  • I live in Alabama
  • I was born on April 18
  • I am Male
  • (Captain) Roger Goldskull

    Moving On

    October 21, 2013 by (Captain) Roger Goldskull

    Ahpoy all i just like to say i reccomend Star Trek Online! its fun and the space battels are much like battels at sea in POTCO

    I have started a fleet called The Federation's Epic Fleet for all who wish to join

    Untill Then.

    This was Vice Admiral Roger


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  • (Captain) Roger Goldskull

    This maintenance WILL NOT add any new content to the game, as new content is always released to the Test Server first.

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  • (Captain) Roger Goldskull

    According to the latest Grog Blog the 2 gold codes "Loot" & "Bounty"

    will be Discontinued as of midnight April 14th.

    Personal Opinion: this may make making new pirates a wee bit more difficult.

    See lattest blog here:

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  • (Captain) Roger Goldskull


    • Reduced the total number of Oceans (servers) to optimize playability, and bring our Pirate community closer together.
    • Cleared ships stuck out at sea.
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  • (Captain) Roger Goldskull

    I have some ideas for the next few months:

    for the next MONTH:

    Matinence, Matinence, Matinence.


    Small Content Updates, a wee bit more matinence

    (weapons, new level caps, etc.)


    New Quest: New Enemies: New Games,


    New Ships, New Customization Options

    (Flags, Figureheads, Cannon Customization)


    Weather, Trading

    (weather being an option in the Options menu so for comnputers that cant take it will still beable to play)

    So what do you think guys?

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