Hey my fine workers for disney im (Captain) Roger Goldskull and me and my other fine friends on the wiki have though of many ideas for you to consider putting into the game! Here it goes:

Ship Customization:

Cannon Customization- you could make cannons give boost t range or power

Figure Heads- they could be merely for decoration or boost treasure sense

Jolly Roger- what is a pirate hip without the coulors eh? id like to beable to buy a flag for my ships

Guild Wars!:

we could have seperate servers where guilds can fight in wars!!!!

Allies would be a cool addition to!

Clothing & Jewlery:

Id LOVE to have necklaces and eye patches! even peg-legs!


I NEVER have room for all my weapons that I use! so what i would like is this!- for the "Ready-To-Use" weapon slots id like to have 6 that way we could have a Sword, Gun, Doll, Dagger, Grenade, and Staff on the ready! also for the "Ready-To-Use" Item slots id like 4 that way we could have a Sea Chart, Sea Globe, Sea Charm, and Cannon Ram ready for the using!


some more story quest would be awesome!


Grenades- some rare and famed grenades would be awesome!

Staff- more rare and famed staffs would be EPIC!


Simular to the idea you had with Foulberto Smasho why no make a boss who gives only swords?


I understand very well you gents and ladies may have trouble with fixing the mass of glitches but I only have 1 request please fix the PVP glitch that alows Pirates to fight in PVP in normal areas. reason I ask this is because on Abassa at Tortuga pirates are always doing this and ive noticed it causes a large majority of lag.


maybe soom new kinds of loot drops!

Thats all I ask of you mates more ideas will come from the others on POTCO Wiki in the Comments at the bottom of the page THANK YOU! - CRGSig Talk

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