ok mates ye know how we all got the evil curse of doom well were is an epic story quest for it imagin that we got a notice from a skeloten from jolly roger telling us that we er doomed to becoming one of jolly's minions so we had to go to jack and he tell us that there be only one way to save our souls aand thats to defeat jolly roger once and for all heres the quest: (oh and we all get it at lvl 50)

Visit Captain Jack Sparrow

he telles you of the "Jolly Roger Island Headquarters"

Defeat 10 of each skelloten ship

you need to weakon jollys army to make it easier for you to make it to his headquatrers

Defeat 50 of each skelloton

you need to make it easy to get to jolly himself

Fully upgrade your ship

gonna need a powerfull ship to make it there mate

Get Ready for battle

compleatly fill up with daggers ammo and weapons

Set Sail

get a big crew and GO FOR IT

Battle you way in

Sink ANY ship in your path

Battle Your Way in 2

slauther any skelleton that stands in your way

Boss battle Defeat Jolly Roger:

Part 1:

gonna be tough destroy refoces and break the curse

Boss Battle Defeat Jolly Roger:

Part 2:

The Curse is broken but he's running away and be on the harkway set sail and sink him to the locker where he belongs!

Visit jack Sparrow


Jack Sparrow's Sabre

(Legendary Sabre)

Jack Sparrow's Revenge

(Legendary Pistol)

from there the story line go to dead men's chest!

oh and for those who dont know Jack Sparrow's revenge is the same pistol he kept that same single shpt to kill barbossa in the first movie and Jack Sparrow's Sabre well thats just his sword lol

so mates what do ye think would make a great quest 'ey?

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