aka Aaron

  • I live in A safe place
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is Protesting to get things I already have
  • I am Non-binary you nazi
  • Aaron9999

    Last Saturday, July 27, 2013, was National System Administrator Day!

    Let's thank the Administrators for all they do, and have done, by spamming their message walls and thanking them in the comments below.

    Dent, Eliza, Jz, Midhav, Nicky, Obsidion, Briggs, Hunter, JFR, Thomas, the wiki wouldn't be the same without you all. Thank you for all you have done for the wiki.

    May the Wiki continue to prosper!

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  • Aaron9999

    Leave your thoughts in the comments below if you like. :)

    "How it Began"

    In the summer of 2008, it was June 13th I believe, I discovered the old wonder that was POTCO. Young then, I had a parent help me to download the game. Starting out, I was a new player, as were tons of others. Soon, I met my oldest friend to stay friends with me on POTCO, Jason Blademorris.We looted, we plundered together, like a pair of buddies should do. We leveled together, but after 1 month of unlimited access, he continued to lv30 while I was stuck at lv25. Honestly, unlimited access limitations were always here, old POTCO or new POTCO. Soon, I discovered Guilds. It was a guild called Evil Raiders, and it was dreadful. I was ignored, and only 1 time was I ever ableā€¦

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  • Aaron9999

    I've been told I should put the story of my POTCO career on this wiki, so others could read it. If I get at least 5 Supports, I'll do it. If you support, please type with support in between the brackets, in the comments below.

    • Update: The story is underway. Continue to provide support, and I'll provide more effort!
    • Update 2 : The story is done! There are 1,740 words! I will post it when most of ye friends are on chat!
    • Update 3 : I posted early. :P
    • Heres the link. Please post yer thoughts about in comments on that blog, if you have the time!
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  • Aaron9999

    Hull Rippers

    October 13, 2012 by Aaron9999

    I have 2 duplicate hull rippers that are now open for trading again. My two traders i have lost contact with. Please leave your offers in the comments, and happy looting.

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  • Aaron9999


    September 27, 2012 by Aaron9999

    If you see me on the game, tell me you saw me on the wiki and feel free to friend me! (Depending who you are :P)

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