'This blog post is no longer active'

I have some brights id be willing to trade for when trade comes out, at a fair enough price (looking for other brights and famed/legendary). They are listed below.

  • Magenta Cotton Puffy Shirt.
  • Magenta Hooked Tank.
  • Magenta Old Tank.
  • Bright Orange Linen Puffy Shirt.
  • Bright Orange Reinforced Tank.
  • Forest Green Linen Puffy Shirt.
  • Forest Green Seamed Tank.
  • Lavender Cotton Jacket(Taken).
  • Lavender Open Linen Shirt(Taken).
  • Lavender Silk Vest.
  • Bright Red Open Cotton Shirt.
  • Bright Red Cotton Long Sleeve.

If something is taken, the highest offer will be accepted when trading comes out.

Leave offers in the comment bar please.


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