So basically, I'm gonna make a quest for everything that doesn't have a cursed aspect. These would be available once you have gotten another cursed blade.

Voodoo Staff:

Visit Tia Dalma.

Brew a Shrinking potion.

Return to Tia Dalma.

Get 10 twisted branches.

Get 10 cursed branches.

Return to Tia Dalma.

Get a fang from a Firebat.

Gain Red ghost eyes from a Rage ghost.

Return to Tia Dalma.

Pick the blade you wish to shrink, and lose for eternity.

That blade will become the left fang of the voodoo staff.

The voodoo staff will always have Wither +2, Flaming Skull +2, and Voodoo Shockwave Rank 3. (User slams the ground with the bottom of his staff, sending out a purple black ring of voodoo, dealing 600-800 damage and knocking enemies down. Ring has range of wither.)

Any other weapons you guys want me to do, tell me in the comments below! :D

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