If any of you guys have done the pvp glitch or been in pvp when someone does it you know of the secret tunnel in pvp, if you go in early you will end up in PIllagers Pass, but, to someone else it says DistributedGATunnelAI. What ever it is it can't be too good, if your in Pillagers Pass too long it deletes your inventory and takes you to your point of call. Below are screen shots of this place.

Picture 40

Where am I?

Picture 35

The Tunnel

As you see from the photos, DistributedGATunnelAI is strange. My guess on what it is is when Disney created the game they had extra stuff that they never quite put in game. Such as they wanted to add more caves to the came or islands that were added when game FIRST came out but waited to put it out. When they took that idea off the game board they left the tunnel there in pvp just far away. I will be emailing disney to find out what it really is. What do you guys think it is? Coment your answer.

Disney's Answer to What is Pillagers Pass?

Ahoy B.o.B

Thank you for contacting Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Pillagers Pass is a secret island that not many a pirate has had the luck of stumbling upon. Even Captain Jack Sparrow has heard only rumors of this island from some of the avid Pirate Versus Pirate fighters.

The rumors mostly be old wives' tales but the one that seems to hold true is that Pillagers Pass is one of the islands which Pirates of old used to store treasure, weapon loot, and cargo while passing through the Caribbean. However due to the threat of Jolly Roger and El Patron fighting to take over the Caribbean, Tia Dalma placed a voodoo enchantment on the island to hide it from plain sight. This is why only the savviest of pirates are able to locate this isle.

Pirate's also say with the voodoo enchantment placed on the island the treasure was hidden from plain sight as well; until the enchantment is lifted by Tia Dalma, Pirates will not be able to regain their riches. If the spell is lifted count yourself lucky mate, for you would be the first to know where it is so ye will be a richest Pirate in the Caribbean!

We hope this helps to answer your question and, we will see you sailing the Caribbean again soon!

Fair winds,

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