Hi everyone nice to so you except for the eitc guild i am starting war with all there guilds so look out eitc guilds i'm after you

The legend of the tatoos.

I know your thinking what the? are you well i'll tell you.

The shark tatoo.

this tatoo i got when i got a full cargo or royal chest...(bought) not earned.

The key tatoo.

one day I was looting kingshead and then found the boss forgot the name but thats not importent i deafeted him all alone was hard but i did when i was a LvL 30 and that is why I wear it.

The wave tatoo.

this one I got from a quest not much to it but I earned this one.

The skull and cross bones tatoo.

This one I got when i conquered Jolly Roger. Now you know the legends behind my marks enjoy all are true.

El Patron.

This is the story of how I beat El Patron, Not much of a story but a tail, Ok one day i was facing El Patron I lost thanks to his help then i trained in the art's of voodoo when i mastered doll i faced him i attuned him got on the board plank not to close so he could get but not too far so he would leave i attacked and i won with out a hit on me. True story.

The story of Spain riles.

Spain riles is a guild I own we have three rules the nember one rule is never ever go on a french ship or island unless it is to help a friend, Rule nember two fight eitc guilds whenever you are eather tied with there lvl or power or above, Rule nember three and the last fallow my every command, When I give a order they must fallow.

The start of there legend.

One day I was making a guild and I thought what should I name it what should it be about so I thought spanish so spain rules came to mind but then typo but i was good with that, the first one to join was a great guy at cannon both normal and cd hes also a good repair man, Then another joined and from there on he was fair at cannons not good at repairs but good at healing in pvp cuase hardly anyone went after him, they were in awhile so there officer free a guy named freebooter joined but i have not seen him much.

I'm still looking for new memebers to join but you must fallow the threee rules above if you love spanish you'll love this guild.

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