• Ben Darkskull


    December 2, 2012 by Ben Darkskull

    Dear All felow pirates online lovers,

       I was playing for the first time in a long while. after about 7 or 9 minutes of try to loot through the lag i gave up. went straight to the test servers. Good thing is that there is never antone on the test servers = no lag. The sad part is also that there is no one on feel so lonely. I miss the old full servers where there was always a friendly person to say high. I have what people would consider a Great computer, and the lag and glitche ness of AI is atrouthces. end of the point is, to keep out of lag join me on the test server. Hope the petition makes it through, hate seeing the same old weapons and missions. 


               Ben Darkskull

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  • Ben Darkskull

    Remeber the good old days when things where simple and loading screens lasted forever

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  • Ben Darkskull

    Old or New

    October 3, 2011 by Ben Darkskull

    I've been playng pirates since its first started. There have been playing POTCO since the very begining and theres been a lot of changes. I have some negitives and some positives. One of the best upgrades is the weapon selection that has added more fun to the game. BUT. I have a lot of negitives to. Like the new layout of all the islands i prefered them the way they where. especialy the layout of port royal. it was great and close to the movie in the first place why did they change it? Also ship battle. in the old days when you shot the ship there was a hole where the cannon ball hit. same thing when you shot the sails. when you hit them with fire shot that area would burn.

    More to come sincerly,

    Ben Darkskull.

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