In Light of the Holiday, i'm gonna give out 2 poems :)

1:The 31st

It's Halloween,vampires will bite and everybody shall be scared all night

Pirates run around looking of rogld and doubloon,and witches fly over the moon

Ghosts,ghouls,banshees galore

Zombies eating brains and wanting more

You can run but you can't hide,hang on tight for a terrifying ride

Think you can't be scared? We shall see

The sound of screams fill phantoms with glee

Jack-O-Lanterns on porches with their candles all lit

Look out for Vampires unless you want to get bit!

Run away if you see the Mad Scientest

If not, he'll put on his experiment list

So that's Halloween,phantoms,monsters,vampires and more

Scaring is one great chore

The night is done, and the monsters have scared everyone

It's a night of fright,have a spooky night all,and let the bed bugs bite!

My next one is almost done,but not done yet.It'll be up tomorrow :D Happy Halloween!

No matter how bad or good you think is is,do say! It only hurts me when ppl lie to not hurt me XD

AngelSig 01:57, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

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