this is about my friend Nate Darkhawk amd me, Smith.

He helped me create this and you should give all credit to him.

Hope u like it.

CHAPTER ONE: Fugitives

Wow, well this was the worst night I ever had.My name is Nate.I lived in England half of my life.My brother, Sean ( Pronounced: Shawn ) got kidnapped when we were 10.But  thats very far into the story. First, we have to go deeper into my life than that.

Sean slapped me in the face.

"Dude, whats your problem! All I did was steal your wallet! Plus, you have no money in it anyways."

" Thats because you stole my allowance about 3 minutes AGO!!!!! "  "No i didn't."

"Then wats THIS? " Sean pulls his hand into my pocket. I try to stop him,  but its too late. He pulls out the 300 dollars and I run as fast as i can. We have no parents, so we jump out of a strangers closet and I sprint out the door. Sean is faster than me, so he catches up fast. He tackles me onto the grass of the strangers garden and we hear someone scream, " AHA! I've found those kids that were in me house! Guards!!! " We sprint as fast as we can but were too late. The guards grabbed us by the colllars and threw us on the jail cart. Then, the last thing I saw was them hitting us with the back of there muskets and everything went black.

CHAPTER 2: Captured

When I woke up I found myself in a large area, more likeley in a prison yard. But my statement was wrong.I was in King Georges the Third's Dining Area. I turned to my right and I saw Sean next to me, us both on the floor. 

I tapped Sean on the shoulder and he spun up, which scared me. Then, out of the hall of the right, came a man I wished I never saw. After him I saw fifteen other people, dressed in navy cadet uniforms, so which obviously they were. " Introducing, a member and councilor of the Eastern Indian Trading Company, Lord Beckket! " One of the Cadets said. " Actually, that would be Lord Cuttler Beckket to you. " The man said matter of factly. Then he turned to Sean " You sir, step forward ". He said. "You have been given the opportunity to join me, in the EITC. You will be awarded 5000 grand and EITC gear. You first  will be a cadet, then over the months you will become a grand leader. So, what do you say?"

Thats when it happend.

Sean looked at me, then looked at Beckket.

" I accept." he said.

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