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    First of a Great Thanks for the Responses on P1. Also I give Credit for Carribeangal for some of these Ideas. Please feel free to add comments as well, I will be more than happy to reply.

    Im sick of the Black Pearl being the only ' Real ' Boss Battle. Some People Think El Patron is One, but I disagree. Why? Well, El Patron is just a dude you kill for an easy famed. Though the Black Pearl is much more content filled. You actaully have the Black Pearl and Navy Try to Ground you Off. Its Just Great, Now a Lot of You have been wanting....Wait for it......Wait for it........ THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!!

    Yes the Kraken, the Vicious Sea Monster that does the bidding of Jones. The Way I would Incorporate this into the game is by having it like this. ' Bob sa…

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    Being in chat and reading other blogs, i found out excellent and exciting ideas. I decided we could use more ideas to spark fun-filled enterainment. These are some of the ideas I've heard and have said myself. Feel free to voice your comment.

    I first give credit to Dentface for this idea in chat.

    Dent explained to me that we should be able to complete hard daily quest to get tokens. These tokens would then be used to purchase exclusive items for our characters. He also agreed on the idea of it being on an island, where only lvl 50 Unlimited Access members could be. I think it is a swell idea since lvl 50's can finally do something fun, and finally never be bored again. I personally am unmotivated to be a lvl 50, with such a lack of good conten…

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    Best Main Island

    April 22, 2012 by Blau Wolf XIII

    'Ello Mates!

    This blog is a ' poll ' for people to vote on their favorite main island! Here are the ' candidates ' that are competing in this poll. The islands also have some base info so you can know a little bit about it or why you should vote for it.

    Port Royal : The splendid Navy base island for pirates who want navy to cry and a good place for beginner pirates. Check out more at Port Royal

    Tortuga : The Perfect place for getting a crew for epic adventures, also the home of Faithful Bride which is a hotspot for the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, more at Tortuga

    Padres Del Fuego : A big island for big pirates, you would expect everything to be expensive but a good payload, the poker tables and blackjack tables have highest gold also the en…

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