Main Island Poll


'Ello Mates!

This blog is a ' poll ' for people to vote on their favorite main island! Here are the ' candidates ' that are competing in this poll. The islands also have some base info so you can know a little bit about it or why you should vote for it.

Island Info

Port Royal : The splendid Navy base island for pirates who want navy to cry and a good place for beginner pirates. Check out more at Port Royal

Tortuga : The Perfect place for getting a crew for epic adventures, also the home of Faithful Bride which is a hotspot for the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, more at Tortuga

Padres Del Fuego : A big island for big pirates, you would expect everything to be expensive but a good payload, the poker tables and blackjack tables have highest gold also the enemies are bigger so better loot this is also the home of the sinister General Darkhart find out more at Padres Del Fuego

Raven's Cove : A dark place also one of the only two places to find cursed blades which are really rare also home of the dreaded El Patron find out more at Raven's Cove


Please cast your votes in the comments below, also add feedback on my first blog post! Have a nice day ( or night ) and fair winds ( to this blog..... ).

-Blue2095 02:40, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

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