First of a Great Thanks for the Responses on P1. Also I give Credit for Carribeangal for some of these Ideas. Please feel free to add comments as well, I will be more than happy to reply.

Boss Battles

Im sick of the Black Pearl being the only ' Real ' Boss Battle. Some People Think El Patron is One, but I disagree. Why? Well, El Patron is just a dude you kill for an easy famed. Though the Black Pearl is much more content filled. You actaully have the Black Pearl and Navy Try to Ground you Off. Its Just Great, Now a Lot of You have been wanting....Wait for it......Wait for it........ THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!!

Yes the Kraken, the Vicious Sea Monster that does the bidding of Jones. The Way I would Incorporate this into the game is by having it like this. ' Bob sails on his ship and gets to Rouge on The Run, then he gets a Kraken Meter '. Now The Kraken Meter Will have Three Areas, Green, Yellow, and Red. There is a meter that goes from green to yellow, and yellow to red. When it hits the end of red. The Kraken attacks your ship, Of course it will be a scene. The crew ( actaully looking like the pirate crew ) look over the sides of the ship thinking they hit a reef. Then the Captain says its the Kraken then its Tentacles Rise up and its Battle Time. Of course you can't kill the beastie, so you have to fend it off you. To ward it off, you have to shoot cannons onto the tentaclies. Also some of the tentacles will be on the ship, talk about pirate vs. tentacle duel. The pirate can use any weapon to fight it out. When all the tentacles are dead after several tentacle waves. The Boss wave comes, this is where the kraken pulls up its largest tentacles. They have the most damage, health and other stats. When the boss tentacles are repelled, the kraken runs off in defeat. Then you get a hefty treasure bonus of Kraken Points, Kraken Points can be transfered to special stuff'. Sold by what I call Kraken Peddlers. The items will be seperate from hard daily quest points ( HDQP ). The Kraken Points will go to items that have bonuses against special bosses or the kraken itself. Or they can be transfered to skull chest or royals. This way you can get rare loot that you wouldn't see from regular enemies. These will be called ' kraken-exclusive '.

Character Classes

Credit to Carribeangal for this.

Ever want to be just like a priest or a mage but in pirate ways? Then here you go, I will have a complete list of classes below of what I believe.

Though for you people who like to get ' excited ' with ideas read here.

Character Classes will be a unique way to specify your talents. Also yes you get cool moves that not every pirate will have. No more having to best bested by pirates having more and the same as your skills as often. No more will you be bested, you will be one of yourselves.

Heres that list:

  • Gypsy - Gypsies Control Various Voodoo Powers, They're Main Weapons are Voodoo Doll and Staff. They would be the Priest and Mages of the Game. They also have a higher chance for rare Dolls and Staves.
  • Brawler - Brawlers are the straight on Powermen, They have one weapon, but its very powerful indeed, the sword. 'They would be the Warriors or ' Tanks ' of the Game. They also have a higher chance for rare Cutlasses.
  • Assassin - For those who like to be sneak welcome to Assassin. They have one weapon, The Dagger. They are the rouges in the game, and concept of being sneaky. They also have a higher chance of getting rare daggers.
  • Gunners - Think that being up and close is scary? Then be a gunner, the pistol men of the time. They don't really relate to anything, but who cares. This is POTCO not some random rpg fantasy game. Gunners have a higher chance to get rare pistols.
  • Grenadiers - Like to make a little fireworks? Then Grenadiers are your thing. Stand with the gunners and let the BOOM take care of everything. Grenadiers have a higher chance of loot for rare Grenades.
  • Overall - Basic concept on the game today, nothing really special, just the same basic thing we have. They have access to all weapons but have standard loot chances, and no extra special moves.

Each class is limited to their weapons, though the less weapons, the more moves. So its a thought on which probably has the best killing chance or such. Also Unlimited Access can combine two classes into one custom class for that pirate. Basic will be stuck to one standard class, and limited to the standard controls of overall. Though basic get a taste of a few more moves than regular.


The Gal of the Carribean deserves this ones credit.

Feel tired of that rusty jail? Then twist it up a bit, you can do community service where you have to do a quest with no reward on a certain island. Your not allowed to leave but you can go around it.

You could also be almost hung. A scenario where you go to the hanging station and you have to free yoursself of getting hung.

I'll update this more in P3 when more opportunities are present.

New Items

Credit to Nicky for the ideas from her sandbox/

Remember those axes, spyglasses and other cool stuff. Well heres that taste of them.

  • Axes - Axes in my eyes are those little tools you can use to build you own materials. You can equip axes and build them near material sites. Axes will be like regular weapons except you cant ust them in combat. You can add skill points for material building to you axes to make easier materials. Also you can get skills, such as build 500 materials for only 10,000 gold or so. instead of having to do 50 materials for 5,000 gold all day. Material Sites will be in random places, similiar to dig spots.
  • Spyglasses - Not much here, one of the most complicated things to figure out their use. My way is a special tool to check the islands for rare enemies from other islands or ships. This will add more rare enemies and the rare enemies today. Rarer, and these bosses carry better loot than regular enemies. Your spyglass will highlight an island a certain colour. If you equip a spyglass into a weapons slot ( still cant be used in combat ) you can pull it out then pull out a map. It will then highlight the area that the boss is most likely to be. Better Spyglasses are more accurate and have better findings.
  • Weather Effects - Ever want to battle over a maelstorm or cool off with a nice drizzle? Then use your Voodoo Weather Staff ( Special staff only used for weather ) to summon the rain. The better the effect the more voodoo, but more of a blast. Be Warned, Maelstorms can actually sink ships though, and acid rain can burn holes. Also you can position the effects on your map. So for example, when you summon your storm, the map shows up and you can highlight the area you want to be rainy. Note: The effect only appears to the pirates in the area. Also you can only hightlight a certain distance away from you.
  • Ship Figureheads - Feel like your front end of your ship is poor? Then add a firguredhead. Firgureheads can supply bonus damage to ramming. They also do not require the ramming skill to cause damage, though they do not do a large amount of damage.
  • Animals - Little dolphins is a great experience to sit back and watch nature. Also some more NPC animals that do not attack roam the islands. Giving POTCO more of a natural view in life, more potions for animal summonings can also be added. To give you a piggy friend instead of KFC chicken.


Well some of the good things have to come to a end. Sadly this blog has to end, stay in tune for Part 3 of ' Ideas for a better POTCO '. I will also be happy to reply to comments, and please feel free to comment as well. Thanks for Reading!

-Screen_Shot_2012-08-18_at_9.08.29_AM.png 18:23, October 27, 2012 (UTC)

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