Low lvl ppl are getting legendary cursed and sack vests cause if ur a low lvl, u have good luck. My firend Davy is lvl 34. He has Thunderspine Sword. A person in my guild/ DArk archive has magenta. Another person in my guild has bright green. The whole guild has some low lvls with SACK VESTS And LEGENDARY CURSED! And ik that theirs good luck cause my character is lvl 35 right now. But i finished ravens at lvl 33. The first time i tried looting for cursed blades i got Blightfang. So i think im gonna get a legendary soon. And i have Navy blue silk vest. Then on my maxed out pirate i only have Barracuda Blade for famed cursed blade..... At Raven cove on my maxed out guy i found a lvl 24 with Lavender Sack Vest. i asked WHERE U GET IT. He said tormenta. So all of u wanna get sack vests or legendary ppl, then make a new person and go too tormenta. I promise too u. U will get something.

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